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      Terrarium Workshops in Singapore

      Terrarium Singapore workshop allows you to express your creativity in a fun and eco-friendly way! Through our unique and fun terrarium workshops, you will be able to promote teamwork, patience, and concentration among your team members, while playing your part for the environment.

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      Types of Terrarium Workshops

      Classic Terrarium

      The Classic Terrarium workshop is a beginner friendly workshop that is simple and with guided facilitation, it is easy-to-create your first terrarium.

      Assorted Terrarium

      Our assorted Terrarium workshop will make use of a variety of different terrarium plants so everyone gets to bring home a unique masterpiece.

      Cactus Terrarium

      Prickly but gorgeous, you can design your own Cactus Terrarium and have a desert garden in a bottle!

      Airplant Terrarium

      Build your garden in the sky with this one-of-a-kind Airplant Terrarium Workshop and stand from the crowd.

      Let's Make Your Team Building Activity UnforgettableWhy Choose Our Terrarium Workshops?

      All-inclusive pricing
      No hidden costs
      Generous portion of plants
      Workshop at your venue at no extra charge
      Flexible timings
      Food & Venue Sourcing available
      Customised Workshop to Budget Available

      5 Reasons To Consider Terrarium Workshops

      Here’s all you need to know when considering Terrarium Workshops for your next team building activity!

      Terrarium Building Workshops in Singapore ― Let’s Build Happiness Together

      Terrarium ― Bringing People Together With Sustainability
      A terrarium is the best in the field of terrarium building workshops and team bonding activities. We help you craft happiness in a sustainable way with our experts who are specially trained to facilitate corporates and families.
      With our wide array of creative activities, we uplift your team’s spirits and help them curate the most exciting memories. Besides, we also give you strategies to engage with your team and family members ― achieve perfection with the help of the Terrarium team, and do much more.

      What is Terrarium ― Understanding Terrarium as an Art, Science, and Informative Activity
      Terrarium building is an exceptional indoor activity ― it is one-of-the-kind that promotes the art of horticulture and gardening.
      We understand that the procedure of building a terrarium is not an easy task, but we make it fun and interactive with our strategies.

      Terrarium Workshops is a Stress Reliever and Therapy ― Perfect For Your Team

      If you want to plan some activities for your team or family that can bring people together and help them connect with each other in a stress-free environment, then the Terrarium building activity is perfect for you. It helps people relieve stress and express themselves through creative mediums. Trust us when we say that there is no better therapy than a Terrarium building if you want to manage a stressful environment at work and create harmony among your employees. Besides being a cleansing activity for your soul, brain, and body, Terrarium building provides you with promising opportunities where you can connect with your team, learn together, and grow together. More than just a stress reliever, a Terrarium building is a remedy for solving a lot of problems. It helps you build patience and give growth to thankfulness among attendees. Through terrarium building, attendees learn that the force of giving is more powerful than the force of receiving. The best part about this activity is that it links you to the elements of life that are usually ignored and not being paid heed to.

      Terrariums are Forever ― A Sustainable Way to Build Your Team

      The world’s first-ever terrarium was built in the nineteenth century while the oldest terrarium that exists to date is around sixty years old. If you want to introduce the concept of growth and sustainability in your teams, then there is nothing better than Terrarium workshops in Singapore. Terrariums signify growth opportunities and positive developments.So, if you sense any kind of negativity in your workplace environment or among your family members, you should register yourself and your team for Terrarium building activities without any second thought. We at Terrarium always strive to build a nurturing and fostering culture. At the same time, we work to remove the difference between your team members and tell them that there is nothing as important as unity in a team.If you look at the formation of a Terrarium, you will observe the true representation of unity. Since it is made with a combination of soil, grass, and water, you can see how three different elements of nature can be combined to build something as beautiful as a terrarium. In this sense, human beings are not any different. When people with different capabilities come together for a single cause, you can witness them doing great things that are beneficial for both the company and the employees.

      Voted Number 1 for the Terrarium Workshops in Singapore…

      Why Choose Us for Terrarium Activities?
      As mentioned earlier, the Terrarium building is an environment-friendly and easy-to-understand activity for team-building sessions. If you introduce this activity with the help of Terrariums, you can enjoy the benefits of working with Singapore’s top event organizers. We share some of the best reasons why you should consider booking a slot with us for Terrarium building and team bonding activities:We have served more than a million people and helped them build and achieve what they have planned
      Notable name in Singapore and adored by thousands of Singaporean companies, associations, and families
      We offer a wide array of team bonding activities that can help you grow with your team
      Numerous small and medium-size businesses have worked with us in Singapore. Besides, we have served numerous global organizations
      Served numerous specialist in Singapore
      No complications
      No extra or hidden charges
      Good for kids, teenagers, and adults in your family
      Easy to adopt instructions
      Moreover, all our workshops are facilitated by expert trainers. So, if you have never built a terrarium before, you do not need to worry about it.

      If you are prepared to bring out your hidden abilities, work with nature, achieve tranquility, and develop with your team in a thriving environment ― then we are always at your service.

      We care about you ― and we show it. Contact Terrariums for more information.

      How to Book a Slot for Terrarium Workshops at Terrarium
      If you want to book a slot with us for Terrarium building activities or any other workshop ― the process is extremely straightforward. No complications or complex rules. First thing first, you need to contact our support team by using our different modes of communication. You can either drop us an email or give us a call.
      If you are using the email address, just make sure to write the below-mentioned information in the email:
      Description of the session you want us to organize
      When do you want to arrange it ― mention time and date
      Where do you want to arrange it ― mention location with address
      What is the number of people you are bringing to the workshop
      Note: Your convenience is among our top priorities. We will do our best to arrange the event on your mentioned schedule, but it can vary due to other bookings on the list. As long as our schedule doesn’t clash with yours, we are good to go.
      • What are Terrariums?
      • Teamwork
      • Fun Experience
      • Bring It Home!
      • Your Mini Garden

      In the simplest of terms, a terrarium is a container that houses small plants and sometimes small animals. Alternatively, you can define it as a controlled self-contained eco-system housed inside a sealed container. Terrariums come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from small containers that can be placed on top of tables to large containers the size of a fish tank. Additionally, these unique containers are designed to simulate a variety of eco-systems from dessert to rain-forest.

      Our terrarium workshop is not just a place where we will teach you to grow some plants in a container, rather, our curriculum revolves around many fun-filled exercises and team building experiences. 

      We have interactive sessions that will allow you to see a different side of your friends and colleagues as you learn various techniques for constructing your own green masterpiece.

      What can be more satisfying than creating your own tiny rainforest that can live on its own? Our workshop teaches you terrarium making with patience in a stress-free environment. Making a small ecosystem from scratch and watching it grow and bloom over time brings a different sense of satisfaction and gratification altogether.

      From choosing the container to sealing it, we ensure your experience at our workshop is rewarding and gratifying in every way possible. With new like-minded people in the same room as you, motivation and creative learning is bound to lift your spirits.

      One of the best things about our workshops is that you get to take your creation home!

      Purchasing a terrarium might seem like less work, but at the end of the day that is someone else’s creation. Taking home something you created with your imagination and creativity and watching it grow at its own pace in your home is a unique experience. This novel team building activity can unlock your team’s creativity juices and at the same time having a souvenir to place beside your office desk or at home.

      The best thing about terrariums is that they bring a certain calming elegance to a place. Be it your office space, personal desk, or even your living room, it is bound to add vibrance to the place.

      It is also known that a workplace or personal space with a plant is known to be great stress reliever.


      “Had A Great Time”

      Had a great time doing the terrarium workshop! Excellent service and customer friendly! Thanks to Rebecca and Fiona for conducting and hosting this workshop!

      Zymes Chong

      “Tremendous Fun!”

      Thank you to Epic Workshops esp to Sarah and Jonathan for facilitating CPF Board’s team building session on 16nov18! We had tremendous fun! Who knew we can be that creative! Would definitely recommend you guys to our friends! Welldone!

      Ms Bainah

      CPF Board

      “Simply Amazing”

      Thank you for your professional advice and approach to the job. You provided an efficient and courteous service throughout.

      Eric Tan

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